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August 9, 2018

Volume 7,  Issue 3

In this Issue:

Quiet Sanctuary

By Heidi Ferreira

The temperature in here feels cool.  The lights are off.  The sanctuary is quiet.  I am alone.  I can hear the creaks on the rooftop and the roar of the weed whacker outside.  I’m sitting to the far left in the middle of the pews on the left side.  I don’t normally sit here.  I usually sit closer towards the back of the pews on the right side to the far right.  Why do I usually sit there?  Because it’s the closest space near the door where I will be the least disruptive if I have to exit before the service is over. I find myself needing to develop strategies for the most routine tasks…where to park in the parking garage, where to eat my lunch, my morning customs…  I won’t speak for everyone, of course, but it seems all our days have become multiple strategies to try to be the most efficient with the least amount of time. All of it done with love, of course.  Love for our families.  Love for our jobs.  Love for our independence.  Love for our weekends. In my head, I have my list of responsibilities, my errands, and my chores.   I develop my map for the day and try to figure out how to get it all done while trying to save a bit of time just for me, a few moments I can be still.   

In the quiet calm of the sanctuary, my thoughts move to the next thing.  What happens after this?  Oh, right, I have to head to the grocery store.  What the heck am I going to make for dinner?  Something easy.  Something that allows me leftovers for lunch.  Oh, right, I have that meeting tomorrow at 10.  Am I prepared for that?   In the quiet calm of the sanctuary, I beg my mind to rest, to just idle for a little while.  I am constantly reminding myself to be present in the moment, and I’m able to do it for a split second, maybe even a minute.  It’s not for very long.  My mind has left the sanctuary to put the clothes away, to get stuff ready for work tomorrow, to pay that one bill before it becomes overdue.

For the most part, I am organized.  Of course, there are days when our organizational skills are completely irrelevant.  Surprises, we call them.  Or, unforeseen circumstances.  Unanticipated challenges.  I love this one…unexpected opportunity.  It’s a test of our patience and understanding.  I don’t always hit the mark, but for the most part, I work easily and calmly under pressure.  I thrive on solving problems. I like having a routine.  I don’t always like vacations because it’s too much free time. I love to make lists.  I have multiple lists and I work off each one.  I have three separate calendars and every Thursday night, I combine them to figure out my schedule, appointments, and tasks the next week.  In facts, most days, I thrive on going, going, going until about 6PM.  Then, I crash a little, but I continue to move.   I meet the deadlines.  I try to think ahead.  I plan.  And, I plan.  And, I plan.   

Despite all that, I wish for a day, just one day that doesn’t have a plan, one day I don’t have to be responsible for anything except for my first cup of coffee.  To have one day without strategies, without arranging, without a routine.  One whole day.  Honestly, I think I would overwhelm myself with thoughts of what I could do.  What would we do?  I could read.  I could work on the latch hook rug I bought myself years ago, the one I promised I’d start.  I could write in my journal.  I could go through all my books and arrange them in a special way and then, I could arrange them again.  I wouldn’t clean, de-clutter, or cook unless the mood struck me. No shopping, technology, or television.  No superficial noise.  Again, it’s another list. 

I think a day with absolutely nothing planned, and nothing scheduled would be quiet like the quiet of the sanctuary when I’m here alone sitting to the far left in the middle of the pews on the left side.  I’m feeling content.  Finally, it’s still for a moment.  I think this moment or two in the quiet calm of the sanctuary is exactly what I needed.

Music Summer Party

If you sing in the choir, play an instrument, sing in the congregation, or even just listen to everything, please join us for the Murray Summer Music Party at the home of Dennis and Colette Ferguson, 41 Prospect Street, Franklin, MA from 5 PM this Saturday, the 11th of August.  
The hosts will provide barbecue sandwiches (with cole slaw and veggie beans along with a salad.  You may bring a dish to share, along with your favourite beverage (we will have some wines, beers, and iced tea).  If it is dry, we will dine on the deck and in the garden, if not we will eat inside.  

Please leave a message for Dennis if you can attend!
508-641-0172 or

Circle of Life

With great sorrow, we announce that long-time member Jim Cronin died on July 19, 2018, after long-term complications from Alzheimers.  He survived by his beloved wife of nearly 65 years, Brita, his son Keith, four grandchildren and four great grandchildren.  A memorial service is being planned here at Murray for some date in September.
Ice Cream Social for Religious Education families! 

Come enjoy yummy ice cream, make new friends, reconnect with old friends and cool off!  
The Religious Education Committee will provide the ice cream and  please bring a topping (chocolate, fruit, sprinkles, etc. NO NUTS PLEASE).
Where: Murray Church
When: Sunday, August 26
Time: 4-5:30pm  
RSVP: Kavita at
Survey Says....
Murray church wants your opinion!

The Murray Church Social Concerns Committee would like to hear from you about the proposal to hang a Black Lives Matter banner. The banner would say, “Black Lives Matter, Join the Conversation.”
This would be a way for us to put our Unitarian Universalist principles into action and to
grow the ways in which we live our spiritual lives.
With this survey, we welcome your thoughts, prayers, and heart-felt feelings on
the proposal to hang a Black Lives Matter banner at Murray Church.
Please take the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing 
conversation about this important decision by clicking into this anonymous survey at:
After you complete the survey, please feel free to continue the conversation with
Rev. Gretchen and with others in our Murray community.
Thank you for taking the survey. We value your contribution!
Don’t Forget to Collect Your Water
Sept 9th Water Ingathering Service!


Our first official service of the new church year will be our traditional Water Ingathering Service on Sunday, September 9th.  It is a multigenerational service, so all ages included as we gather together in one community to celebrate the start of our new year together, and to share our individual water samples into our communal ingathering bowl.  So, whether you bring back a water sample from your favorite beach, lake or stream you visited on summer travels, or bring a sample from your own backyard hose or kitchen faucet, all water samples are welcome, as symbols of something fun you did during summer break….  

The UU Common Read
Unitarian Universalist “Common Read”
Faith Development, Adult Faith Development, Racial Justice

A Common Read invites participants to read and discuss the same book in a given period of time. A Common Read can build community in our congregations and our movement by giving diverse people a shared experience, shared language, and a basis for deep, meaningful conversations.

Each year, the Unitarian Universalist Common Read is chosen by a committee including both headquarters and field staff of the UUA. Anyone may nominate a book. Read the criteria for Common Read selection. Nominate a book for 2019-20 using our online form.

Common Read 2018-19

The Common Read Selection Committee is pleased to announce the 2018-19 Common Read: Justice on Earth: People of Faith Working at the Intersections of Race, Class, and Environment, edited by Manish Mishra-Marzetti and Jennifer Nordstrom (Skinner House Books, 2018).

At a time when racial justice, environmental justice, and economic justice are seen as issues competing for time, attention, and resources, Justice on Earth explores the ways in which the three are intertwined. Those on the margins are invariably those most affected by climate disaster and environmental toxins. The book asks us to recognize that our faith calls us to long-haul work for justice for our human kin, for the Earth and for all life. It invites us to look at our current challenges through a variety of different perspectives, offers tools to equip us for sustained engagement, and proposes multiple pathways for follow-up action. Justice on Earth is available at inSpirit: UU Book and Gift Shop. A discussion guide for congregations, offering both a single session and a three-session format, will be available online October 1, 2018.

Nursery Clean Up

August 22nd -- From 10 am to 12 pm, Nursery Cleaning. Thanks for considering to volunteer for our annual clean up before care resumes!
Toys will be bleached and classrooms straightened. After the cleaning, we will buy pizza! Suggested donation for the pizza is $5.

Should you have any questions call Kavita Vansant, DLRE (508-498-8290).  We look forward to seeing you!

Summer Services to Come

August 12

Murray Mile  |  Rachel Killion

No walking shoes needed! Travel through time on a virtual walking tour of
  Murray history. Starting at the center of town we will journey one mile down
  Main Street for over 140 years of Murray history while seated in the comfort
  of our pews.


August 19
Lessons from a Hurricane  |  Liz Lamoureux

In September 2017, while vacationing on the island of Dominica, it was devastated by hurricane Maria. Stories and insights gained during and since that life-altering event will be shared.

Please Keep Your Pledges Paid Up to Date!


Just a friendly reminder that our new fiscal year began July 1st, and we need folks to continue to send in their regular pledge payments throughout the summer so our Treasurer can continue to pay bills and pay our church employees!  Please consider dropping a pledge payment in the Sunday offerings during worship, or drop a payment by the office or pop it in the mail.  Thank you for  keeping your pledge payments current, even though the official church year doesn’t start back up again until September!  

To buy tickets:


1.)  Click on this link:

2.)  Choose the quantitiy of tickets for general seating

3.)  Either choose "will call" (pick up tickets day of game) or "print tickets at home". 

4.)  Enter an e-mail address, create a password and finalize purchase of tickets.

Hope to see you there!  There are fireworks every Saturday night.  If there is rain, your tickets will be good for equal value to any PawSox home game pending availability. Murray will still receive 50% of the proceeds sold through the link for your original date.

Share with your friends!

Save your shoes
Murray is collecting new and gently used shoes for resale and recycling. Murray will be paid by the for clean and dry shoes without obvious tears or large scuffs. Look for collection boxes around church. Start cleaning your closets!

Donations needed!

  • Bathroom tissue
  • Personal care items:
    • soap
    • shampoo
    • shaving cream
    • deodorant
    • toothpaste
    • Feminine care
Attleboro Community Garden event

Join the Attleboro Community Garden for a 20thAnniversary celebration
on September 8, 2018.  The event, which is open to the general public, will be an opportunity for current and former Attleboro Community Garden members and friends to gather and celebrate.  The celebration is planned to take place from 1 pm to 4 pm at the Attleboro Community Garden on Hayward and Mechanic Streets and will include a children’s activity, an adult gardening workshop and a program honoring volunteers and past Garden coordinators.  Light refreshments will be served.

Enjoy San Diego with UUs!

See San Diego through the eyes of its locals! For the low package price of $999, you can spend an unforgettable time, immersing yourself through some of San Diego's most beloved attractions - all the while enjoying the company of like-minded UU's. Get the inside story on our history and hidden favorites, as well as experiencing our World Famous Zoo and our lovely beaches. Sample cuisine from around the world in our richly cultural border city.  We have even allowed time for you to tell us what you want to see or do!
Please visit the brochure for more details about this fundraiser for the First UU San Diego by clicking here.

A 13-day itinerary immersing the group in the scenery, history, and
traditions of northern Vietnam and Cambodia.

Tour Cost (per person): US$4245 (incl. US$250 taxes and gratuities)
Single Supplement: US$995 | Group Size: 12 – 18 participants
For more, emaiJoan Walder at:

What's going on at Murray? Click the calendar!

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